Thứ Ba, 6 tháng 3, 2012


Really need some inspiration today :D

Well, the time for me to draw for blueway JSC is almost done ~~
Love the time I was here to create :)

Here is a new medal for Women Day on blueup website, I love it much ;)) hope the medal system will be public soon ~


Thứ Năm, 1 tháng 3, 2012

Korean and French languages

I've got problem. :(( I must improve my Korean and French at the same time. It makes me confused a lot. Working all day and studying 2 languages at night is really challenging. @_@ not yet mention that I want to practice drawing, too :((

I will die ...

Anyway, when I studied Korean today, I compared the words to French and it's freakishly funny.
( yup, learn a new English word: freakishly)

The truth is that I can speak Korean much; but the more I review, the more I realize that that truth is wrong. 
Anyway, here is some interesting things for today languages learning:

반가워요 --- ravi de vous rencentrer  (with ravi means happy)
( when you star a chatchit with friend online, you can go "방가, 방가" )
누구섀요 --- qui est-ce


비 이라고 햬요. ~